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As teachers, we know that reading books aloud to our students is SO important.  But sometimes, it's hard to find quality read aloud books!  I've gathered a list of resources to help you find new and powerful books to share with your students.
Giving your students a way to connect with authors can make a huge difference in their reading and writing engagement.  Here are a few ways to create that connection!

Connecting students with the authors who write their favorite books can be a very powerful tool!  Not only will it inspire them as readers, but as writers as well.
Having an author visit your school can be so inspirational for your students!  Here are some activities and ideas to prepare for a virtual visit from a writer.
Last week, I posted about inviting an author to come visit your school.  It is an inspiring way to gt your students engaged in both reading and writing.  However, that can often be expensive and a lot of work to put together.  Luckily, technology offers us another option that is more cost and time-effective.  Host a Skype visit with an author!
Having an author come speak at your school can be an amazing experience for your students!  Here are some tips to make sure it runs smoothly!
Inviting an author to come and speak at your school is a wonderful way to motivate the readers and writers in your classroom.  They are experts in the craft of storytelling and can provide your students with incredible inspiration.  In order to have a successful author visit at your school, you need to be prepared!  Here are some key tips for making it run smoothly.
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